Online Soap Making Classes

Hello friends! Are you missing making your own soaps, lotions, lip balms, herbal salves and such? I miss teaching and talking about soap and herbal body care products with other humans in real life. My past has taught me how to be resourceful and resilient dealing with change and learning how to pivot. I know I am not the only one experiencing major loss of revenue during this pandemic and my heart goes out to all who are experiencing grief and loss in so many ways. This global pandemic has really put life in perspective, cultivating gratitude for good health despite hard times financially. I am sending you and your family love and positivity as we work through these difficult times. 

Until life is "back to normal" I will be offering online classes. I will ship you a kit, the same exact materials you would be using in my classes, and we meet up on Zoom and we make things together. The class descriptions on my website will outline any equipment you will need at home Ex: stick blender, thermometer, bowl...etc.. I have found ways to cut costs for you such as shopping at the Dollar Tree and reusing and up-cycling items from around your house.

As usual I will answer all your questions to help you along, offering suggestions, tips, tricks, and 21 years of experience in making herbal body care products. I strive to give you the confidence you need to be sustainable, giving you confidence in yourself so you can take care of yourself and your loved ones without relying on corporations who do not have you or our planet's best interest in mind. 
Now offering an online vegan soap making 101 (Soap Making Made Simple) class on Zoom for beginners who want to learn a necessary skill to protect you and your loved ones from COVID-19. Hand washing is the best way to keep you and your family sanitized and safe. I teach you how to make a safe alternative to commercial soap which can aggravate skin problems and dry your skin. 

Thursdays: May 14, 21, or 26th at 7 pm-9 pm
Saturdays: May 16, 23, or 30th  at 11 am- 1 pm 

This is not a series of classes. This 2 hour course is offered at the times above which works best for your schedule once you have your soap making kit. You will receive your soap making kit through the mail (or you can pick it up in Roswell, GA) and then join the 2 hour class at one of the times which works best for you. 

I am also stocked up on nourishing soaps to replenish and clean your hands and body! I have lots of plant based candles, herbal infused lotions for face and body, Trifecta Herbal Salve to repair and restore hands destroyed by alcohol based hand sanitizer, & lip balms. An Oxygel (Hydrogen Peroxide) alcohol-free hand sanitizer is in production and testing mode at this time. I am CRAZY excited to offer it to you and I will happily include a small free sample in your order upon request in exchange for your feedback. It is herbal infused with Trifecta herbs, aloe, and anti-bacterial/anti-viral essential oils. I can't wait till its ready to sell. It hydrates your skin and kills COVID-19 on contact after 60 seconds while nurturing your skin.

A new herbal facial toner is also in production! More information coming soon! 

 Green Girl Basics will be adding more herbal body care classes soon and is offering lots of products online to make your life compassionate, sustainable, and natural; replacing excessive packaging and chemical latent commercial body care products which aggravate eczema, psoriasis, and irritate sensitive skin with gentler options. Knowledge is power, and there is so much to know about plant-based medicine and how it can transform problem skin conditions. Every ingredient in the studio is certified leaping bunny cruelty-free.

Sending you all love, healing, compassion, and wellness as we work through this crazy time together, online.  

-Colleen Trickett 
Green Girl Basics