NEW Liquid Soap Making 04/01/23 & 04/08/23
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NEW Liquid Soap Making 04/01/23 & 04/08/23

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Liquid soap is finally here!!!  Two Saturdays 04/01/23 & 04/08/23 from 11 AM to 1 PM

This comprehensive liquid soap course will teach you the art of all things liquid soap. This is an advanced soap making class.  It is recommended you take the Soap Making Series prior to this course, or if not you should have some experience and confidence making cold press soap before signing up. If in doubt, contact Colleen at

Learn how to create shampoo, shower gel, dish soap, body wash, facial wash, liquid cleaners, bubble bath, and more from scratch with potassium hydroxide and plant based oils. This is not a class where you learn how to mix detergents and surfactants together and call it liquid soap. We will not be working from pre-made bases, this is the real deal! Learn a highly practical and profitable life skill in this course. Take your business to the next level!

Payment plans are available. Contact Colleen at for more information.