Build Your Own Private Class for 3-12 people! Choose topic/date/time!
Build Your Own Private Class for 3-12 people! Choose topic/date/time!
Green Girl Basics

Build Your Own Private Class for 3-12 people! Choose topic/date/time!

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The studio will be all yours! Bring in a group of 3 to 12 participants and enjoy a special experience creating practical skin care and home essentials you get to take home. Fun with friends and family along with sustainable life skills is a win win. 

Feel free to bring snacks, beverages, and laughter while celebrating with a fun and practical 2 hour class in our Roswell, GA makery.

If you would prefer to book your class outside this website, feel free to call or text 828-280-1125 or email to see if your desired date is available.

Select what interests you:

Soap Making: beginner to advanced in order of difficulty:

1. Soap Making Made Simple

2. Salt Soap Making

3. Milks Soaps & More

4. Laundry Soap & Natural Household Cleaners 

5. Soap Salvage & Beautify

6. Soap Formulation: Design & Swirl 

7. Hot Process Soap Making

8. Intro to Cold Process Liquid Soap

9. Hot Process Liquid Soap: Laundry Soap, Dish Soap, & All-purpose liquid-cleansers

10. Accelerated Liquid Soap Methods & Formulation

11. Duel Lye Soap Making: Whipped Soap, Shaving Cream, & Cream soap

Herbal Body Care & Wellness Classes:

Bath Bombs 

Lotions & Creams 

Herbal Salves & Lip Balms

Serums & Masks 

Emulsified Salt/Sugar Scrubs 

Plant-Based Candles & Custom Scent Blending

Hair Care: Cream Conditioner, Smooth & Shine Serum, & Fortifying Holding Gel 

Beard & Mustache Products 

Mentholated Magic: Shower Steamers, Analgesic Balms & Stress-Free Foot Soak 

Shampoo & Conditioner Bars 

Facial Toners

Facial Moisturizers

Lotion Sticks & Lotion Bars

Perfumes & Colognes

Therapeutic Bath Teas & Soaks 

Medicinal Teas 

Natural Deodorant: Aluminum-Free and safe for all ages

Whipped Body Butter 

Aroma Sprays for Potty, Body, Linen, & Room 

Intro to Essential Oils 

Shaving Product Formulation for Sensitive Skin (HP Soap experience needed)

Face & Body Oils 


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  • Add your choice of class in the comment section 

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