Natural Deodorant Making 03/11/23
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Natural Deodorant Making 03/11/23

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Saturday March 11, 11:00 PM-1:00 PM

Join this class to learn some seriously practical life skills, taking the best care of yourself and your family's health, while protecting against the damaging effects of aluminum, which is commonly found in most commercially available deodorants. You will learn how to create your own all-natural deodorant recipe which is effective at keeping odors at bay for 12+hours! Our natural deodorant recipe can be designed to suit all needs, with options including the addition or elimination of ingredients which you may be sensitive to, such as baking soda. We will be exploring and using aluminum-free ingredients to protect you against odors all day by using powerful clays, powders, magnesium, "dry" oils, waxes, butters, optional herbs, & essential oils. Your unisex deodorant recipe can be tailored with your choice of scent and is safe for adults and kids! 

Please bring two empty deodorant tubes preferably up-cycled if available. If not I will have biodegradable cardboard deodorant tubes available at 2.00/each.