SALE! Private 2 hour instruction FOR TWO!
SALE! Private 2 hour instruction FOR TWO!
SALE! Private 2 hour instruction FOR TWO!
SALE! Private 2 hour instruction FOR TWO!
SALE! Private 2 hour instruction FOR TWO!
Green Girl Basics

SALE! Private 2 hour instruction FOR TWO!

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Design your own learning experience for two with Colleen Trickett, a maker & instructor with 24 years of hands on experience.

A private class for two is a great option when:

-Our Thursday or Saturday group classes do not align with you and your friend/partner's schedule.

-You want to celebrate an occasion, share interests, or build business skills with dedicated time for just you and your friend/partner.

-You are traveling a long distance and want to learn as much as possible in a day (or two) with a friend/partner. You can add more than one 2 hour session if needed.

-You are already making soap and herbal body care products but want to trouble shoot, fine tune, and build on your knowledge so you can both take your business to the next level. 

Please select your time based on availability shown in calendar when you check out or reserve your time over the phone. If you have any questions prior to booking, please call or text 828-280-1125 or email 

We are currently offering 70.00/hr per participant which is 20.00 off per hour when you schedule 2 hours for two people. 

Here is our list of classes:

1. Soap Making Made Simple

2. Salt Soap Making

3. Milks Soaps & More

4. Laundry Soap & Natural Household Cleaners 

5. Soap Salvage & Beautify

6. Soap Formulation: Design & Swirl 

7. Hot Process Soap Making

8. Intro to Cold Process Liquid Soap

9. Hot Process Liquid Soap: Laundry Soap, Dish Soap, & All-purpose liquid-cleansers

10. Accelerated Liquid Soap Methods & Formulation

11. Duel Lye Soap Making: Whipped Soap, Shaving Cream, & Cream soap

Herbal Body Care & Wellness Classes:

Bath Bombs 

Lotions & Creams 

Herbal Salves & Lip Balms

Serums & Masks 

Emulsified Salt/Sugar Scrubs 

Plant-Based Candles & Custom Scent Blending

Hair Care: Cream Conditioner, Smooth & Shine Serum, & Fortifying Holding Gel 

Beard & Mustache Products 

Mentholated Magic: Shower Steamers, Analgesic Balms & Stress-Free Foot Soak 

Shampoo & Conditioner Bars 

Facial Toners

Facial Moisturizers

Lotion Sticks & Lotion Bars

Perfumes & Colognes

Therapeutic Bath Teas & Soaks 

Medicinal Teas 

Natural Deodorant: Aluminum-Free and safe for all ages

Whipped Body Butter 

Aroma Sprays for Potty, Body, Linen, & Room 

Intro to Essential Oils 

Shaving Product Formulation for Sensitive Skin (HP Soap experience needed)

Natural Sunblock 

Natural Pain Management 

Face & Body Oils 


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