Soap Making Kit
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Soap Making Kit

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We have pre-measured each ingredient needed in the soap making process in a convenient and ready made soap making kit. All you need is 7 oz of ice water and you are ready to make your own soap. Use this kit along with our 36 minute pre-recorded Soap Making Made Simple course (on sale for just 20.00) and you will have everything you need to make 7-8 bars of plant-based soap with a creamy, fluffy, moisture-rich lather. Select your choice of scent and color with the drop down menu.

Ingredients: Olive oil, Ricebran oil, Organic Coconut oil, Sodium hydroxide (lye), Organic Palm oil, Castor oil, Organic Shea butter, scent, & natural colorant. 

Take a trip to a thrift store or to The Dollar Tree:

Plastic pitcher for lye (4 cup capacity) 

Plastic pitcher to combine oils, lye, scent, and color 6-8 cup capacity 

Plastic Spoon


Whisk or stick blender

Chemical goggles

Vinyl gloves (the ones for washing dishes which cover forearms) 

Soap Mold: Up-cycled quart waxed cardboard container such as an empty broth container, almond milk, creamer, Pringle's can, empty quart Ice cream container, any small box or plastic container lined with a up-cycled plastic bag. 


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