Guayusa Tea
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Guayusa Tea

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  • I LOVE this tea! I have been drinking it for many years!  I begin EVERY DAY with this nourishing and energizing tea. I add ginger, lemon, and honey. It is delicious iced too! 
  • ✓ START THE DAY with a cup of GUAYUSA | 66 mg of caffeine + healthy benefits |
  • ✓ NO JITTERS NO CRASH | 100% NATURAL GUAYUSA - NO Tannins - Astringent FREE. Each leaf contains caffeine, Double antioxidants of green tea and amino acids, which contributes to its nutritional value.
  • ✓ ALTERNATIVE TO YERBA MATE - COFFEE | Guayusa provides you with a rejuvenating burst of energy, different from coffee or other caffeinated teas.
  • ✓ EASY BREWED - HOT TEA: Pour 8oz of boiling water over 2 full Tsp of guayusa and steep for 5-10 minutes. For a stronger brew steep longer or add more guayusa. Use a filter, french press, teapot or strainer to brew guayusa. ICE TEA: Bring infusion to room temperature, add ice or regrigerate until desired temperature. COLD BREW: Steep directly in cold water - no heat required. Stir and Strain leaves after 2+ hours.
  • ✓ TASTING TEST: AROMA: Medium Earthy COLOR: Medium dark brown with yellow tones FLAVOR: Medium earthy flavor with a medium-pleasant bitterness + light floral + lightly sweet
  • ✓ PRODUCTION: We produce in a traditional way allowing our customers to enjoy an ancient product with its original taste, smell and color
  • ✓ SOCIAL IMPACT | Pacha works with local Amazonian indigenous families to promote social change through sustainable development projects.

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