Radiant Soul Serum 2 oz RESTOCKED
Radiant Soul Serum 2 oz RESTOCKED
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Radiant Soul Serum 2 oz RESTOCKED

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Our serum is a blend of premium plant-based ingredients to nourish, replenish, tone, sooth, renew, hydrate, protect, firm, and correct hyperpigmentation. Prepare for a noticeable healthy glow and guaranteed compliments. 

Irish Sea moss: Power-house of 92 minerals, vitamins, essential fatty acids, amino acids, and antioxidants. Firms drooping skin, reduces wrinkles and fine lines, kills bacteria linked to acne, builds and protects your skin’s biome preventing environmental damage. It assists with the production of collagen increasing elasticity. Binds moisture to firm, tone, nourish, and hydrate. Soothes inflammation, protects from UVB exposure and blocks environmental pollutants. Loaded with bioactive antioxidants which reverses free radical damage.No wonder sea moss is called “nature’s Botox.” 

Hyaluronic acid: Promotes firm skin, elasticity, and collagen production. Reduces the appearance of wrinkles. Hydrates, plumps, smooths, lubricates, and locks in moisture. 

Hibiscus & Rose Hips extracts:Bioavailable vitamin C. Promotes skin cell regeneration. Increases collagen production.

Chaga Mushroom Extract: antioxidant rich superfood regenerates skin cells as it nourishes, protects, and hydrates skin. Rich in Kojic acid and enzymes which have been scientifically proven to support melanin. Known to lighten skin, correct hyperpigmentation and correct dark patches and age spots.

Essential oils: Blue Chamomile, Vetiver, Bulgarian Lavender, Cypress, & Carrot seed. 

Used twice a day our serum lasts approximately 2 months. Shelf stable for 6 months from purchase. Refrigeration is not necessary yet assists vitality of ingredients while improving reduction of dark circles, and puffiness under eyes. 

Pair this serum with your self love morning and evening skin care rituals for a radiant  beautiful complexion. 

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