Soap Revolution Series PRE-ORDER COURSE

Soap Revolution Series PRE-ORDER COURSE

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Access all the resources you need to make soap like a pro! Join the online Soap Revolution Series and have lifetime access to 4 Online Soap Making Classes

  1. Soap Making Made Simple
  2. Salt Soap Making 
  3. Milk Soaps & More 
  4. Soap Formulation, Swirls, & Design 

You will also receive a digital copy of Soap Revolution my new in-depth soap making book with tons of recipes which will replace the need to purchase body wash, facial cleansers, as well as a multitude of household cleaners as well as a bonus Poison Ivy soap recipe.   

A beautiful and practical Soap Formulation Chart A work of art to print and reference. This chart is indispensable for those who wish to create their own Soap Recipes. This high resolution printable chart is a must have for all soap studio walls. Quickly view Saponification Values, Fatty Acid Profiles, and professional suggested usage rates for successful soap formulas. 

Live 1.5 hour weekly check in courses with on demand demonstrations and Q&A to assure absolute comprehension of pre-recorded classes before moving on to the next class in the series. There will be four of these offered either Wednesday or Thursday evenings (based on participants vote) 7 pm to 9 pm. If you miss them, they will be recorded. 

A one hour private live 1:1 class with your instructor, Colleen Trickett, author of Soap Revolution and master soap maker sharing 24 years experience. You choose the date and time. 

Receive 25% off Soap Base and Premium Scents with an exclusive Promo code.

This is a value over 700.00!!! The pre-order price is deeply discounted for your patience. You will have access to 2 online classes (Soap Making Made Simple) right away as well as the Soap Formulation chart. Book release date will be on or before July 1st. The live course portion (weekly demos and Q&A) will begin no later than September 1. Start date to be announced by August 1st. Save 200.00 by registering during this pre-order. This sale ends August 1st.

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