What's Up?

About Green Girl Basics February 10, 2018 21:05

Green Girl Basics was founded in Columbus, Ohio in 1999 by me, Colleen Trickett. I have also been based in Asheville, NC and now work out of my studio at The Goat Farm Art Center in Midtown Atlanta. 

My very small business took root in environmental and animal activism. I have always loved the quote, "Be the change you want to see in the world" and I have always believed in voting with my dollar. 

I have been making soap and body care products with the best ingredients I can find because I LOVE it and I can't seem to stop. But, my greatest passion is sharing what I have learned over the last nineteen years. I love to teach people how to create their own body care products, not just for fun and profit but for change. I love to let people know what is in commercial body products and the effect these ingredients have on our bodies, the environment, and animals. Creating unique skin care products of your own is empowering! I offer an understanding of ingredients and you get to select what you want on your skin.  I love to offer my own experience and general guidelines and let my students do the formulating. It is a fun and personal experience with lots of choice and guidance when needed.

Most people come to my classes to relax and have a fun creative experience. But I am on a mission to offer more than just a break from the frenetic Atlanta way of life. I want to help people connect with with how our choices go beyond ourselves, how we really do vote with our dollar,  and how we can do better when we know better.

Thanks so much for your interest and for supporting what I love to do.