DIY Therapeutic Bath Soaks 4/13/19

$ 85.00 $ 95.00

Saturday, April 13, 11:00 AM- 1:30 PM

Take your baths to a whole new level and revitalize and replenish your body, mind, & spirit. Commercial bath products often contain genetically modified fillers, surfactants, and chemical ingredients which can lead to health issues, especially for women. I will teach you how to make natural bath products which soothe, nourish, relieve sore muscles, detox, & moisturize. We will explore pain relieving herbal infusions, MSM, and Magnesium Chloride for their assistance with pain and inflammation.
We will be creating magnesium bath salts, herbal bath teas, bath butter/melts & herbal bath oil.
We will use top quality vegan ingredients like organic herbs, MSM, oats, Magnesium Chloride, African butters, mineral salts, cocoa butter, Himalayan Pink Salt, plant based oils, & essential oils.
Leave with approximately 1 pound magnesium MSM bath salts, three herbal bath teas, three 2 oz Herbal bath oils, and approximately 4 oz of bath melts/butter and the knowledge and life skills to make these for business or personal use.


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