Secrets to Soap Swirling & Formulating 09/30/21
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Secrets to Soap Swirling & Formulating 09/30/21

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Thursday, September 30, 7:00 PM-9:30 PM

Would you like to learn the secrets to formulating your own recipe for all the benefits you desire in your soap? Learn the properties of oils and how they contribute to lather, hardness, trace, & more. You will learn how to calculate your very own soap recipes, based on sap values, temperatures, and desired soap qualities- from laundry soap to facial bar. Tap into how small details can make a big difference. This is an advanced soap making class so you will need to have the soap making basics down first. Soap making Made Simple is recommended prior to this class.  

Are you frustrated with wanting to create a multi-colored swirled soap but end up with soap that thickens too fast? Let me show you how to formulate recipes that are slow-moving and perfect for professional looking swirls.

All information is presented in a simple and user-friendly hands-on method. Watch, learn & then you create own your own with assistance if needed. You will swirl your raw soap into molds to take home and unmold & behold!

Leave with 2 pounds of soap, optional affordable soap supplies to make more at home, and soap swirling and formulating confidence for life! Class includes handouts with lots of recipes and helpful information.
All you need to bring is an apron, latex or vinyl gloves (the kind used for washing dishes) and your creative self.