FLASH SALE Private One-on-one Class 2 hours
Green Girl Basics

FLASH SALE Private One-on-one Class 2 hours

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 My usual one-on one rate is 150.00/hour yet I am offering an amazing limited time discount at 100.00/hr when you purchase 2 hours. Please note the class options below with the understanding each topic takes approximately 2 hours each to learn with the exception of Soap Formulation: Design & Swirl which takes 2.5-3 hours. Please reach out via email colleentrickett@greengirlbasics.com or text me at 828-280-1125 to book your time. 

Here is a current list of classes offered one-on-one:

Soap Making: beginner to advanced in order of difficulty:

1. Soap Making Made Simple

2. Salt Soap Making

3. Milks Soaps & More

4. Laundry Soap

5. Soap Salvage & Beautify

6. Soap Formulation: Design & Swirl 

Bath Bombs 

Lotions & Creams 

Herbal Salves, Lip Balms, & Lotion Sticks

Serums & Masks 

Emulsified Salt/Sugar Scrubs 

Soy Candles

Handmade Hair Care 

Beard & Mustache Products 

Menthol Crystals for Health & Beauty

Laundry Soap & All-Purpose Cleaners 

Perfumes & Colognes

Therapeutic Bath Soaks 

Medicinal Teas