Emulsified Sugar/Salt Scrubs 07/10/21
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Emulsified Sugar/Salt Scrubs 07/10/21

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 Saturday, July 10, 11 AM- 1 PM

Learn how to make emulsified sugar and salt scrubs! These scrubs are not your typical sugar or salt in oil method. Learn how to make an emulsified scrub with no oily layer floating on top. They are an amazing creamy, scrubby, exfoliating treat for your entire body. They are like a decadent cream with exfoliating goodness. Salt and sugar scrubs exfoliate your skin leaving you soft, glowing moisture rich skin. Using a scrub removes dead skin cells, allowing moisture to be more easily absorbed into your skin.

Leave with approximately 16 ounces of emulsified sugar/salt scrubs! That is A LOT of scrubbiness made by YOU with your choice of scents.