About Us


History of Green Girl Basics

Hi! I am Colleen Trickett. My interest in making my own products was sparked by my love of nature, essential oils, creating beautiful and practical DIY gifts, a desire to use and promote cruelty-free products and to avoid the harsh chemicals found in commercial body products. It all started in the spring of 1999, when I found a book on soap making while dog sitting for fellow environmental activist, Noreen Warnock. She rules, by the way and I have her to thank for buying that book! I went right to work searching out suppliers for Coconut oil, Palm Oil, Olive Oil, and other vegetable oils and butters. These supplies were not available locally and were not readily available online at this time. I ended up having to mail order most of my ingredients in fifty pound pails. Back then, you could even purchase Red Devil Lye in hardware stores (before the meth heads ruined that convenience). About $250.00 in supplies later, I became a crazed soap maker. I gave away free stuff in exchange for feedback. Luckily, my friends and family were giving me encouraging words. My fair skinned family’s eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea were disappearing! People wanted more and were willing to pay me for what I loved to do! Heck YES!  With a desire to make original formulations, I started studying chemistry, aromatherapy, herbs, properties of oils, and FDA requirements. I went to conferences, networked with others with similar interests, and read as many books as I could find. There were no blogs, YouTube videos, e-books, free recipes online... It was mostly trial and error.  As business starting picking up, I realized that I needed a name. I started out with Botanical Balance and registered it with the Ohio Secretary of State. About a year and a change later I found that there was another Botanical Balance out there who was not too happy that I had her domain name. After many a lawyer conference, I ceased and desisted, sold the domain name, then changed my name to Green Girl Basics. People ask why the name? I tell them that it relays my mission and Irish heritage.