Suds & Sustainability: Homestead Essentials 6/01/24
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Suds & Sustainability: Homestead Essentials 6/01/24

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Saturday, June 1, 11 am to 1 pm

Apply soap making skills towards a naturally clean home! We will be creating laundry soap, stain sticks, all purpose cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner, wood cleaner, dish soap, and more in our Suds & Sustainability: Homestead Essentials. Commercial laundry and cleaning products are loaded with toxic chemicals like petroleum distillates, sulfates, phthalates, phenols, & plastics, which are endocrine disruptors and carcinogens linked to autism, auto-immune disorders, cancers and lung disease. Learn how to replace dozens of subpar commercial household essentials naturally while saving some serious money. Learn everything needed to protect your family from nasty chemical toxins.

All you need to bring is an apron, latex or vinyl gloves (the kind used for washing dishes) and your creativity. 

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