Studio Share DIY Party 2/14/19

$ 60.00 $ 85.00

Thursday, February 14, 2019 6 PM to 8:30 PM


 If you have taken a class with me, I want to thank you by sharing my studio and welcoming you back to make more of the same products you learned to make in my class. Come on back and make more soap, lotions, creams, lip balm, salves, lotion sticks, emulsified sugar/salt scrubs, bath bombs, etc...

If you have not invested in equipment, oils, butters, waxes, containers...I've got you! In my studio you literally have hundreds of options to add to your handmade creations. So many plant based oils, butters, essential oils, herbs, colors, nutrients, natural additives... it is a DIY dream. Or maybe you have these things at home and you just want to socialize and create, that's awesome too! 

The 60.00 fee covers:

-2 batches of cream and one batch of lotion. (10.00 additional per batch of cream and 15.00 additional batch of lotion)

-3 batches of soap. (15.00 each additional batch)

-3 batches of bath bombs. (15.00 per additional batch of bath bombs)

-1 batch lip balm -1 batch lotion sticks -1 batch salve (15.00 each additional batch)

-1 batch salt scrub -1 batch sugar scrub (15.00 each additional batch)

Email if you have questions regarding other products at

You must bring your handout/notes from the classes you took. Or email me to mail you the handouts. This is not a class but an opportunity for past students to return and make more products with optional assistance.

 Bring your apron. Optional: BYOB and snacks. 

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