Online Hybrid Bath Bomb Making 10/03/20
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Online Hybrid Bath Bomb Making 10/03/20

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Saturday, August 29, 2020 2:30 pm-4:30 pm 

Learn the secrets to making the perfect bath bomb!! I will teach you how to avoid common mistakes and create moisture rich, organic, and luxuriously effervescent Bath Bombs! These are unlike any bath bomb you can buy anywhere, as my recipe is 100% natural and free of unnecessary and potentially irritating fillers included in nearly all bath bombs. 

Nifty tips and tricks to add optional fun and novelty to your bath bombs: Learn advanced techniques like layering, spinning, foaming, adding specialty additives, butters, embeds, & more.

This is a hands on productive class presented LIVE on Zoom in a simple and user-friendly method while an in person face to face class is in session. This is a lively hybrid in person/online class where you can enjoy the benefits of a classroom without leaving home. Enjoy answers to questions you never would have thought to ask and get inspired by a classroom of student's creations. 

You deserve to treat yourself to Bath Bombs with every single bath they can be expensive (even though they are inferior to what you will be making), costing 4.00-10.00/bath. So why not learn how to do these yourself to save money? Treat yourself and your loved ones to custom made bath bombs with your choice of herbs, natural colorants, essential oils, or phthalate free fragrance.

I ship you everything you the supplies you need to make these at home!! Or you can pick up in my Roswell, GA studio. 

You will need to the following:

-Medium to large bowl


-Spray bottle filled with water