All Purpose Spray Cleaners (All Purpose, Glass, & Wood) 03/07/2020

$ 85.00

Allow me to assist you in creating the best natural all-purpose cleaners you have ever used out of healthy, affordable, eco-conscious, and cruelty-free ingredients. Some of which you are probably throwing in the trash on a daily basis.
We will make 3 cleaners: 1. All Purpose (counters, tubs, tile..) 2. Glass/Mirror 3. Wood. These spray cleaners work on counters, glass, floors, tub/tile, glass, etc...It really is ALL-purpose. It will replace dozens of chemical laden cleaners and the plastic waste they produce.

Leave with 3- 16 oz spray cleaners plus recipes and life skills.
All you need to bring is an apron and tote bag or buy one when you arrive.

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