Soap Making Series ~4 Soap Classes offered Thursday evenings in May~

$ 295.00 $ 360.00

Want to really commit to learning the full art and science of soap making? Register for four soap making classes, offered each Thursday evening 6 PM-8:30 PM in March and save 65.00. Students will leave this soap series with comprehensive skills and knowledge to start a soap making business, or simply master your soap making hobby. This is an excellent option for those who want to save some money and be a proficient soap maker. You will receive a certificate of completion for 10 hours of soap instruction with a master soap maker.

We will start off Thursday, May 2 with Soap Making Made Simple where you will learn everything you need to know to safely create a beautiful variety of vegan handmade soaps with food grade oils & lye plus your choice of herbs, essential oils (or phthalate free fragrances), colorants, clay, butters, exfoliating nutrients, oats, many choices. You will leave with 4 POUNDS of soap which is approximately 12-15 bars of soap (depending on how thick you slice your bars).

May 9, we will be building on your knowledge and skills making Salt Soaps! You will make spa quality, long lasting, mineral rich, detoxifying, exfoliating, & balancing salt soaps.  These soaps last four times longer than regular soaps. They require some extra soap making knowledge to make successfully. I will demonstrate what to do and NOT to do to create the perfect salt soap.You will leave with 4 pounds of salt soap.

May 16 we will be making soap with uncommon and challenging ingredients. You will be be ready to step it up and learn the art of luxurious moisture-rich Milk Soaps & More! Learn how to avoid the common pitfalls of milk soaps and master this art with confidence. We will learn how to use yogurt, milk alternatives, beer, fruits/veggies and herbal teas. I teach you new low temperature and time saving soap making methods to change your soap making game. You will leave with four pounds of unique soap.

 May 23 we will finish our special soap making series with my most advanced class, Secrets to Swirling & Soap Formulating. You will learn the secrets to formulating your own recipe for all the benefits you desire in your soap. Learn the properties of oils and how they contribute to lather, hardness, trace, & more. You will learn how to calculate your very own soap recipes, based on sap values, temperatures, and desired soap qualities- from laundry soap to facial bar. Tap into how small details can make a big difference. Let me show you how to formulate recipes that are slow-moving and perfect for professional looking swirls.


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